this past week, I have gone to sleep smiling, I stay busy during the day, I wake up smiling.  I have been a writing machine, I have been a talking machine.  cooking machine,   I was telling my new friend that he had put a shot of something into my life.

Is it serotonin ?   Is it adrenaline?

He said.. it’s dopamine.


I googled it.  and I saw addiction. so I exited quickly.   ohhhhhhhhh.

Then he said, it’s more addictive than cocaine or heroin.  It’s called a runner’s high, it’s what writers talk about when they get a surge to write like Stephen King.

Dopomine.   = Dope


yes friends, I’m just going to admit it.  I am high on the dopamine right now.  It is some good stuff.  I am suddenly confident so that when a job posted recently I went bonkers calling my tribe and saying.   I need you to assist me in making sure I get this job.   I will have that job.

Dopamine is helping me rally.

I spent an evening with my children’s youth group at the youth conference in my family’s most sacred place, Montreat.   Dope.

I stared and watched my own children laugh and talk and be so at peace.  I watched my beautiful friends children laugh, eat, dance and have serious conversations and I just sat and rocked in a chair and it was bliss.

Dopamine.  damn I love you.