I am jealous

I am jealous of…

people who are happy

people who get breaks from work/ or life.

I’m jealous of the person who went through heart ache because she is beautiful, she makes great money and as fast as the bad stuff happened to her, good stuff totally comes to her.  I am so jealous.

Friends meet her for drinks and everyone posts the perfect pic about being there for a friend.

they send her texts to say hang in there.

she gets to have a break from being a mom

I think her friends help her have breaks.

I don’t know why my friends have never said, take a break Ashley.  I can give you a break.

none of my friends showed up to help move me.  wait, one did.

I did it all.

I think 12 people at least will probably help her move.

I’m so jealous that everyone’s family likes to be together.

mine drifted away.

I’m jealous of the sweet couple that let’s me keep their child because they are doing a great job at marriage.

I’m jealous of a friend who gets to keep going on the career ladder.

I”m jealous of the friend who got a job because he was a guy in the field.

I”m jealous I’m green and I”m annoyed at myself and where the hell is my happy boat?

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