Unicorn Poop turned into Unicorn puke

If there was ever a creative writing prompt……it should be Unicorn poop…..

If you were alive in the last year then you may have been subjected and then tickled to watch a very long commercial/ comical marketing reach that was for people who suffer with bowel discharge issues.  By that I mean, sometimes they have trouble pooping.  So the squatty potty was invented to move the legs into a more natural for pooping position and loads of people swear by it.  Last Christmas, my parents gifted my family one.  My children swear by it.

fastward to last night.

Need to know first though…

I have a 10 year old daughter who loves Unicorns.

She collects them

I took her to get the Unicorn smoothie thing at Starbucks….

Ok so you are up to date.

So last night at her Chorus concert the Chorus teacher brought in a local ice cream store vendor to set up for after the concert.  (although, my ice cream addicted father was almost late to the concert because he was already buying ice cream).

Anyway the concert was lovely, crowd went outside and my father offered to buy his sweet granddaughter some ice cream.  She loves ice cream.  Did you know that this ice cream place, made a great decision.   They created an ice cream that looks like the poo that the unicorn makes when on the squatty potty.   Well all a 10 year old girl has to hear is unicorn poop and of course they want it.  So here she came with a LARGE size of ice cream.  She giggled, she smiled, she oooeeeddddd and ahhhhhhed.   Everyone tasted it.  It was like fruity pebbles x 75.   It was super sweet.

fast forward to 2 am.

I hear some loud noises in the night.  like someone moving down a ladder.  We have a ladder in Anna’s bedroom on her loft.  I wait.  nothing.  then I see a light come on.  I hear a toilet lid hit.  I jump up and find my two daughters in the bathroom.  Someone felt sick.

We decided to move to my bathroom.  nothing came.  So she got in bed with me and I stroked her hair. She was almost asleep when all of a sudden…. she jumped up and made it 10 feet to the toilet and all Unicorn puke hell broke out.  3 huge vomits later, I got up to flush and check on her.  Then there in the toilet was….. unicorn poop puke.  All bright blue.

Anna calmed down, wiped her face and said.. hey, mom.  I feel better now.

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