Dear Buncombe Co Schools and whoever


My name is Ashley and I have 3 children in your system.  I have an undergraduate degree in Human Development.  Which means.  development.  and a MA  in early childhood education.  I have spent 20 years in early childhood education.


so I married an elementary teacher too.  15 years of teaching K-5, various  grades and roles.

So. My dad was a band director and taught 30 years in high school.

So I had 3 kids with my dreamy elem husband and life was looking good.  and then he died.  type 1 diabetes complication from the stomach bug.

ok.  so.

I quit my great job because I could not stop crying.  and i needed to pick my kids up from activities.  I finished my masters.  I applied for jobs and I got a job finally but I make barely anything because no one pays well in the 0-5 life, even though it’s the hardest life.

So move forward.

MY gorgeous, smart, happy, lovely, soccer playing daughter.  She is on the JV team  She rides the bench.  a lot.  we or I can’t make it my life to drive her in a club of soccer people.  So anyway she is amazing.  she rides that bench.  We embrace team/  So tonight,  after a piece of furniture almost falls on my youngest, and I clean it up, I leave them to go to a game.  It’s cold.  I check and she is on the bench.

So I ask about pay8ing   It’s 5 bucks to watch my daughter sit on a bench.  sit on a bench for 30 min.  So I bypass.  I go and sit in my jeep.  I hear the crowd and they yell.  someone is hurt.  So I go and check.  it’s not her,  but she is finally playing.  All of a sudden a cop approaches and asks me, if I’m just hanging around  I say, well, I was checking my daughter is riding the bench.  I came at half time to see her.  He says administration wants me to pay.  She is finally playing.  I just look at him  I say.  I make 30,000 bucks.  I have 3 kids.  2 are at home. I’m a widow.  she is riding the bench, I just wanted to check on her.

I go to my car and sob.


I want to take my kids to disney world.  I will.

I want to have job to make a difference.

It’s cold and other parent payed to watch their kids and they are tired too.

I bet they can afford to drive around and play special soccer and share chores and shit.  I don’t know.

they have worked hard to see their daughters play soccer.

have I mentioned I played soccer.  I was a center forward and I was rookie of the year.

so.  yeah, today punched me.

like If I Did not have 3 little ones.  or young ones.  I would not choose this life.

I would have left.  and I’m jealous I can’t.

so suck it buncombe co.



A Spring has sprung

whew.  spring is wonderful and with it comes holidays and my birthday and I spring a cry leak.

I started a new job and well, it’s been eventful.  It’s fine.  It’s not what I thought and I’m just sitting tight waiting for the right time.  for something.

I have biked and hiked and it was good.  I have cried and remembered.

and now I can’t upload my movie for ya.