A 9 year old

Ok world, I’m not ready for my youngest to be 10 yet.   So 9 here she is.  I believe someone may meet me in my yard tomorrow to give me an award for best simple birthday.  Used American Girl doll stuff, host 1st bff for spend the night, grocery list items shopped for and bought, such as watermelon, ice cream cake, chips, mac and cheese.  sprite.  this was the list.  gravy biscuits are for breakfast.

So I really ruled this one.  but I took time to text an old bff who was around in the days of Before Anna.  So I said, hey Tam, can you call Anna and talk about shit with her.  Like tell her stuff.  you are my only person.   So she asked, CAN I talk about John.  YES!    I told her no one does and she needs that.  So a bit later they talked and she told her some remarkable stuff that will help Anna.

It’s Anna’s 3rd birthday without him.  When we get the the number of more without him, I’m gonna get sick.

She would love to have her dad to be crazy in love with as she was.  He was crazy about her.  I wish I could get him out of Heaven to come and have passes for such things.  birthdays, vacations, performances, games.  that’s it.  I can do the rest.  but birthday blow still.  One day they won’t for me and I’m sure she will not at all be my sad.

Here my prayer God and John,  we miss you, we love you, watch over us and help us find our way.  Surprise us with happy and we will honor that.  I hope Heaven is wonderful and everything I dream – we love you- the fam on earth.