Blue Soup

So a bring a meal email went out to the church ladies….(so much fun to say that) and I decided to bring dinner for someone who is new to the church, and just battled and kicked some cancer ass.  She had reconstructive surgery on Monday and I just really felt called to do something.  I’ve had three friends battle cancer twice.  Breast cancer is a bitch.

So she is vegetarian and I decided to make something veggie which is so not my forte.  I wanted it to be comforting too.  I choose soup because you never know what you feel like when you have surgery and I don’t know her pain level.  So I got some of my soup things on Sunday which probably was one of the worst days of my life lately…. another story …

So today I cooked.  I got home from taking all three kids.  I just want to say that again, because, I got tickled at a girl who could not meet me early one morning to pick up something from her mom, I was bringing to her.  I said I could meet her at 8am.  She said, well that’s early, are you sure?  I was like, um yeah, I’m up,  I leave at 7am to take the kids to school.  “oh”

anyway I just wanted to say that.

So soup……  So I cut some beautiful carrots, I had blue ones and yellow ones.  So I cut those and used my blue potatoes and i just had all sorts of color up in there.   …..

later I added the flour and half and half.  guess what…

I made blue soup.

well it’s kinds purple blue.  🙂  I should make a card and say, BLUE SOUP FOR YOU!  🙂

I”m going to get them some crusty bread and I got some yummy drink and I even got mints.

As I cooked, sliced and added in, I prayed.  I prayed for her.  please let this nutrition go into her, please let this make her feel loved.  Please help her heal.

I felt a calmness today settle in.  It’s gorgeous outside, I cleaned the camper up a bit.  I cooked.  I played.  I relaxed.

I needed to do something for someone else to help me remember what I can do, is to love others.

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