Gobble gobble.

wow so much still changing.   a few more days and we will head to Virginia to spend a big ol thanksgiving with family.  I am so excited!  My brother and family also in the house at mom and dad’s (just John missing) and then My uncle’s kids are coming and they have new babies.  2 new baby girls!  I’m so excited.  So excited to see family I have not seen in so long and excited to meet new darlings.  We have started new healthy traditions such as the family running the turkey trot together.  I’m not running it due to my back, but I’ll be cheering and watching children.  Just excited to be with family.  I’ll be making a dessert and just laughing.  oh i’m so looking forward to laughing.

This past month, I have been doing a lot more as far as socially.  I’m going out.  All sorts of places and reasons.  Dinner, Dinner out, church, school events, my school.  Just spending time with new friends and old friends.  I can see my heart that has been cracked filling in with the love of friendship.  Some times I go alone, sometimes I take kids.  Having a weekend alone and doing something for myself was really helpful.  Making new goals that will fill my soul and allow me to take care of my babes.  It’s all for them.

This week for them, I turned off cable.  Yikes.  ouch.  but you know what. … friday night I felt almost a sigh of relief.  I wonder what will happen when it snows but I have internet and netflix and music and books.  that makes me happy.  I can help continue to weed out negative (news) and just nourish.  This journey of healing is quite amazing.  I love nourishing my should.  Lots more to do but wow.

I worked with a coach this week and He asked a lot of questions and one that hit me hard though, was answering what’s missing.  I knew what it is but I’m trying to live without it.  It’s that sweet love.  I have lovely love from my darlings, family and friends but sweet love.

I have hope though, I have hope by seeing twinkles in other people’s eyes and hearing other love stories.  I have hope that it’s not over but thinking about what if it is.  I try to be thankful for having a sweet love and having 3 beautiful children  and a lovely family.  I love Asheville and being here.  This town is so soulful for me.  gobble gobble.

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