Last Mother’s day an so on…

yep, i think this one was enough for me to call it quits.

the kids came in carrying cards they made.  I think Kaegan made her’s in the morning.  Will made me a paper coffee paper flower with his guidance counselor.  Anna did all the first grade class stuff like no body’s business.  My parents never thought or my bro or my friends thought to support my kids.  they gave me my shit and then layed around the house.  they told my brother they cleaned the house.  I took pics to show him they did not.  Finally after crying all morning about feeling so shitty I left to go buy myself a vacuum.  while I was gone the kids freaked out and cleaned the house.  it still was not great.  They did like the vacuum I got.  we all cleaned some more.  I made dinner.  I cleaned. it was really different.  I hate about everyone.  i’m mad at how everyone deserted my kids.  I count on no one.  no one but me.  so I guess new types of holidays and stuff for me.  

i hope everyone is happy .



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