I was a bit of a spoiled brat mother

I would like to apologize to myself and my pretend world of readers that I acted like a spoiled brat yesterday.  but the truth is, I am. and I would like to blame this all on John.  

What a jerk he was to always make sure something nice was given to me every mother’s day.  Look at what it did to me.  I woke up not married anymore, missing him, and blamed it on my kids and family.  what a brat I am.  damn.  

good think I got jerk kids.  My oldest kid made me breakfast that John always made me, then she tried to make coffee.  She then rallied the gang and they paraded in with home made cards and school made stuff.  They did proceed to lie to me and say they picked up but really they did not.  I will post pics.  BUT.  because I am a spoiled brat, I threw a royal tantrum for my children and I drove myself out to get a vacuum cleaner.  I showed them.  I did not brush my teeth or put on deodorant.  I also got a new duvet and shams.   Not only that but I got a FABRIC SHOWER CURTAIN LINER.   Take that world.  This spoiled brat mom took care of business and got things I really wanted.  😦  

In one hour of leaving the children swept, wiped and picked up.  My son who never busts ass did.  He even mowed the front yard.  The youngest brat.  She just managed to pick up a few things, sing about it and stare at stuffed animals.  I finished cleaning, I cleaned my room and sprayed Rosemary spray everywhere.  It makes me feel better.  Pretty soon, the house smelled better, it looked better.  I watched a movie and settled down.  I cooked a nice dinner.  I made it through.  I still later blogged bitched but I just read it and felt like I needed to explain why I acted that way.  but with time, the day passed and I made it to today.  Thank GOD, I’m like a whole new woman now.  When asked how was my day, I said it was horrible, it sucked.  I feel better .  Guess what no one will ask tomorrow maybe.  So it’s over.  Now… for Father’s day, let’s see what kind of tantrum I throw then.  

p.s. my kids are not brats.  I was being sarcastic.  They are very special children who I love very much and we will get through this.  

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